Who Are We?

Black Elk started with a simple goal. To make films no matter the cost!
In 2017 we produced our first Full-length Feature film An Inspector Calls with merely a group of passionate actors and filmmakers.

Since then we have created multiple Short films, Commercial projects and Feature productions. Gaining awards in Acting, Production Design and Costume Design.

Last year, we released HOMESICK on Amazon Prime Video which has been well received critically and continues to gain attention as an independent cinema achievement.

Our short film ZMORA is currently being reviewed by festivals and has already won 9 awards and honourable mentions across international festivals.
Our next Short Film project is titled ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ which has completed filming and is set to begin it’s festival run in summer 2022.

jason farries


Jason Farries is our in-house Producer with experience in developing Films, TV Pilots, Shorts and Music Videos. 
With experience both in-front of and behind the camera, Jason has knowledge in almost every aspect of film production.
His professional credits include Producing, Directing, Writing, and Performance. 
Jason has worked on many high-profile productions including Star Wars VII: The Last JediFantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Breathe.

emily stanley

Producer/Production Designer/Assistant Director

Emily Stanley has been an integral part of our productions since 2017. Emily specialises in the overview and management of all our productions from pre-production to distribution. 
On-set she is the boss and keeps us running like clockwork! 
Emily is also our top Production Designer. Her in-depth research and attention to detail is what gives all of our productions a beautiful aesthetic which adds to the realism of our narrative films and shows-off the best of our clients and talent.

tom payne

In-house Editor and Camera Operator

Tom Payne is a mastermind of design and editing! Tom has created many of our stunning film posters and behind-the-scenes videos while also being an incredibly versatile on-set crew member. His skills include Camera Operating, Photography, lighting design, photoshop and video editing. With a keen attention to detail and an expansive knowledge of editing techniques, Tom is our best technical asset in the office.



Writer of our most recent feature film HOMESICK as well as several short films including Distant Voices. Sam is a highly skilled screenplay writer but also handles responsibilities on set in the camera/lighting department. We’re honoured to have him as part of the team.

John Todd

Sound Specialist

John specialises in on-set sound recording and has been an integral part of our team for many years now. Talented in both capturing and editing audio, John has given all of our productions crystal clear sound quality.

Benjamin Eeley

Cinematographer/Steadicam Operator

Ben Eeley is our highly skilled Camera Operator with credits on a varied array of productions including Features, Commercials and Music Videos.
Ben is a master of composition and lighting and can easily visualise a perfect frame by just laying eyes on the subject.
As a camera operator, Ben has a wide range of experience in different camera systems from heavy 35mm builds to lighter RED, Alexa Mini and Black Magic models.
Ben takes huge pride in his work and has devoted his career path into the art of framing, composition and movement.

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